Project overview

The more4nature project endeavours to catalyse transformative change related to zero pollution, biodiversity protection, and deforestation prevention by actively involving citizens and communities as key stakeholders in collaborative ECA initiatives.

A pivotal aspect in reversing the trajectory of environmental degradation involves redefining interventions in ECA. Citizen Science Initiatives (CSIs) offer innovative avenues for joint data and knowledge generation, as well as for empowering citizens in sustainable natural resource management. However, barriers to the adoption of Citizen Generated Data (CGD) and citizen involvement in ECA remain unaddressed.

more4nature adopts a socio-technical approach to confront these challenges and enhance the role of citizens and communities in ECA by:


Enhancing the capacity of existing CSIs to provide relevant and reliable data and fostering understanding of the significance of ECA.


Facilitating and supporting collaboration and partnerships between CSIs and authorities to address data gaps and shape policy monitoring frameworks.


Developing and testing tools to validate data from CSIs, thereby contributing to the use of such data sources by environmental governance authorities.


Making CGD an accessible component of the Green Deal Data Space.


Leveraging the urgency for immediate action among citizens and communities by fostering synergies between CSIs and partnerships, and other initiatives such as Fab Labs, which share values of sustainability transitions and can aid in co-designing actions as part of green and digital transformations.

Join us in empowering Citizen Science for a sustainable future.